1988 Catalina 34 Sailboat

'Imi Loa, is a 1988 Catalina 34, an ideal San Francisco Bay boat and quite possibly the most popular cruiser/racer in its size range on the Bay. A stiff and comfortable yacht with many amenities, it comfortably accommodates up to six people. While the C-34 sails well in the typically heavy San Francisco summer winds, it is easily handled by one or two persons. Please see our ad on POPYachts at http://www.POPYachts.com/View/74600 for more information.

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31/12/2015 (5 months)

New Listing - 
Home for sale at Palacio


Entrance Lights Are Back
EntancePanoramaNight_2_2733_2.JPGMost of the entrance lights are now operating.

UPDATE: ALL entrance lights now are on - enjoy.

  New Listing - Home For Sale
Storm Drain Cover-2

Once again the storm drain cover near 2147 PDO is being lifted byStormDrainCover_02-2015_0.jpg heavy rain



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Entrance Plants

New plants have been installed at the entranceExitPlants1_02321-Reduced.JPG

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Trees are being installed- UPDATE _ Competed


This morning I noticed Medallion truck and trailer with tools for installing the ordered palm trees.

Warning - Storm Drain Cover

     On Sunday morning a Palacio home owner alerted Mitch about the storm drain cover that was lifted off and moved a way from its original location.

Palm Trees Marked

New 15 Palm trees on their way